Smart apps to eat green, waste less


By Deepthi V

The frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives, goes the Chinese proverb. Sadly, we humans do not seem to be as smart as frogs.However, the worldis now slowly but steadily climbing the ‘save the earth’ ladder.One rung at a time.In a fervour of a different kind,the worldis alsoincreasingly becoming more and more adept at incorporating smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers into their lives. So how about bringing the two together?

With the usage of mobile devices pivoting frenziedly on an upward trend, the demand for mobile apps is growing in leaps and bounds.As challenging as it may be, many of us are making an ardent effort to paint shades of green in our day-to-day life. Especially as mothers, we are constantlymaking eco-conscious decisions when it comes to our children.Luckily for us, there are some innovative geniuses who constantly invent incredible mobile apps (for both iOS and android platforms) that help point us in the right direction. The proliferation of these green-oriented apps are in fact enabling, influencing and shaping responsible and sustainable living.

By being an example in our own ways, we can start changing the world; the following apps are just a few that can help with that. Let’s create a better and smarter world for our children – with our smartphones.

Is My Food Safe? 

We constantly worry about what our children eat. How safe is it?Is it healthy? Should I store it or throw it?‘IsMy Food Safe?’is an incredible app that has beendesigned to prevent cross-contamination and food poisoning in your own homes. This app imparts essential information on the safe internal cooking temperatures for variousmeats and more, a food storage guide on how long you can store food before having to dispose it. It covers baby food, beverages, meats, canned/jarred/boxed foods, breads, dairy, fruits, nuts and all things edible. It also comes with an interactive quiz that helps you evaluate your kitchen on food safety issues. You can soon safely say ‘Yes, my food is safe’!


The E-food appis a multi-functional tool that aims at keeping you informed about the chemical compounds and e-additives that goes into your food as just another food ingredient.Each of the listed e-additives comes with its own set of information covering details such as its source (how it’s produced), the risks/benefits involved in consuming it and the recommended daily intake.The never ending list of e-substances that this app constitutes can be filtered based on categories such as preservatives, colours, antioxidants, emulsifiers, acidity regulators, flavour enhancers and more. This app gives you absolute insight intothe levels of safety that goes into consuming a chemical additive.Eat consciously. Eat with E-food.

Smart Foods – Organic Diet Buddy

Fruits and vegetables are a must in a child’s diet. When it comes to these vitamin-enriched foods it is safest to go with organic produce. The non-organic varieties moreoften than not comprise high levels of pesticide residue. This app is an ideal guide that imparts knowledge on which fruits and vegetables you can buy in non-organic form and for which it is safest to stick to the organic version. For every fruit and vegetable listed in the app, there is a detailed description of the nutrition and health benefits it provides, information on how it should be prepped before consumption, safety levels in terms of it being organic or non-organic, and the pesticide profile for each food. The app also comes with an inbuilt calculator that takes into account your age, gender and activity levels, and calculates the recommended dietary amount of fruits and vegetables that you must take on a daily basis. This app is an apt organic diet buddy!

Mobile, in some ways have the power to influence change for good. Today, cultivating a positive change has become a necessity, for our sake and our children’s. It is never too late to begin, it is the least we can do for the world we live in, and these apps make it easy to start now.

Are you using any mobile apps for a cleaner, greener, better life? Share your tips with us.

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